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Our medical genetics program is active in the areas of clinical genetics and genetic counseling pertaining to hereditary cancer and public health. Genetic counseling is a professional health service dealing with birth defects and inherited diseases, including hereditary cancer. The goal of genetic counseling is to provide accurate information to patients and their families regarding genetic disorders or potential birth defects. Genetic counseling helps individuals and their families understand the causes of various abnormalities, the medical tests available to detect their presence, and the chance of having a child or family member affected with a medical disorder or hereditary cancer. Counselors provide information regarding treatment and research for genetic disorders.

Who can benefit from genetic counseling?

Individuals who are considering a pregnancy or are currently pregnant and who will be 35 years old or older at the time of delivery, or (2) individuals who have a family history of birth defects, mental retardation, chromosome abnormality or inherited disorder, or (3) individuals who are known carriers for an inherited disorder, or (4) females who have taken medications, drugs, abused alcohol or have been exposed to teratogens during pregnancy or females who have had multiple miscarriages or a stillbirth, or (5) individuals who are couples and also blood relatives, or (6) individuals who have health problems such as diabetes or blood disorders since childhood, or (7) individuals who want information about prenatal testing, or (8) individuals who are members of an ethnic group in which a particular inherited disorder is more likely to occur such as: African American-sickle cell anemia; Ashkenazi Jews- Tay-Sachs; Italians, Greeks, or Asians-thalassemia, or (9) any adult or child who has developed a cancer suggestive of a family (hereditary) cancer syndrome or (10) individuals who have chromosome abnormality or a birth defect, or (11) parents whose children are not developing normally, have unusual physical features, have failure to thrive, unexpected short stature, learning disabilities, mental retardation, a genetic disorder or suspected genetic disorder or (12) individuals who desire current information about birth defects or genetic disorders.


What may occur in a GENEbraska clinic or counseling session?

An extensive family and medical history is taken.
Family photographs may be reviewed.
A detailed physical exam may be performed.
Laboratory tests or diagnostic studies may be recommended.
Discussion of the results of the physical examination or testing may occur.
Questions from patients or their immediate family are answered.
Referrals may be made to appropriate affiliated services as needed.
Discussion of fees and costs for laboratory tests and diagnostic services.


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